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Monday, March 12, 2018

On Monday We STILL Make Things

Today Broeder and I made boats!

We saw the idea on Pinterest and decided together that it looked like something we could do.
All it took was an egg carton, a couple of straws, a bit of paper, some fabric for the sail, and bits and bobs to round it all out nicely.

Broeder did insist that his boat have a crow's nest.

That was a bit tricky, but a crow's nest he has!
Broeder named his boat "The Kitty" because he LOVES kitties.
I named mine "Beppe's Bounty" because it holds six.  
Then we set sail on a piece of foam.
In honor of the occasion, I wore my sail boat sweater that my up north sister gave to me!

Also on Monday, I do not wear any make up, and since I do not like to scare people, the picture is ONLY of the sweater.

I'm kind like that.

You're welcome.

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