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Thursday, May 10, 2018

End of April-ish

One Friday THGGM woke me up by saying, get up, we've got to get out of here!
He doesn't say that often, so I got up!
After breakfast we took a ride to Grand Haven.
Nothing was blooming yet, not even a hint of green on the trees.
I did stop to get another picture of this.
This place is HUGE, and one would think it is never going to be finished.
As always, Grand Haven was lovely.
I'm still not used to seeing it without the catwalk though.
It just looks weird to me.
Apparently, that won't be back up this year either.
Progress is a slow business.
As always, it was MUCH cooler at the lake shore.
We saw a few gulls, and the two birds on the right appear to be Caspian Terns.
It seems they are rather common, but I had never seen them before so it was special to me!
I love this view.
Especially on a day when there are no crowds.
Actually, there were no other people at all!
Even the channel was choppy.

We were careful not to get splash.
Our adventure also took us to three antique malls, a thrift store, and an estate sale.
Do not be shocked, but we did not buy anything.
(This is because we already have everything!)

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