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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

A Wee Bit of Thrift Shopping

 Call me a spend thrift, but I spent all of six dollars to get this at the thrift store!
Just in case you were wondering if I am still thrift shopping, I am.
I was thrilled to find these mugs!
I already had the one on the top, for years and years.
It's my winter mug.
Along with a rather large collection of Debbie Mum Snowmen mugs from a set, these are from a slightly different set.
I know this because my winter mug cannot be piled up with the rest of them, as it is just a smidge of a different size.
Well look at it now - piled up on top of five more that are the same size!
This brings my snowman mug total up to something like 25, which will work out nicely for family gatherings!

 Of course, I'm always on the look-out for chairs that will work with our American Girl dolls.
This one is for Hertsje.
I still need to make a couch for her dolls too.
I'd better get on that soon!
This cute little chair was only two dollars.
I do not think there is anything AT ALL for two dollars in the AG Doll Catalog.
It was $1.50.
I've passed them up at antique malls, where they seem to run between 12 - 24 dollars.
At the thrift store this one was with a bunch of random ordinary cookie tins.
This month I've been diligently resorting my main floor craft room.
This will come in handy for fabric scraps, which seem to accumulate even though I do not do much sewing at all.


Mel Frizell said...

I love your finds! I do not have winter mugs... now I think I might need some!
I too would have picked up the chair and tin.
I do miss you posting at Simply Thrift.

Judy said...

Thank you Mel! In the near future I am hoping to pick it up again!