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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Extended Family Christmas Party!

As happens every year, not every family member gets in a picture, but MOST of them did!

Hertsje found my elf!  This excited her, and confused me because I do not move him around.  He always sits on a bench.  Hmm. 

We had TONS of great food, as we always do, but I failed to take any pictures of that.

I believe we had a great time!
 Great Nephew
When the question was asked "Who's ready to open presents?" Hertsje's hand shot up. 
Two members of the family recently had surgery, so we all stayed on the main floor for the opening of presents.
An uncle's lap is GREAT for opening presents!
I asked THGGM what he was looking at so intently, but even he has no idea.
Down South Sister, looking contemplative and peaceful.
In actuality, I took this during the present opening mayhem!
Daughter brought a Santa hat.
THIS is how one gets to be Santa!
My niece, great nephew's mom.
 Another niece and my Up North Sister.
 My pretty good nephew, great nephew's uncle. 
Famke and her dad.  It is also his birthday today!
 Oldest Son, one of the biggest fans of Christmas!

My brother-in-law, who had surgery on Thursday. 

Playing on the switch, after intense hours of putting together Lego gifts!
Hertsje getting a bit of help with her Lego friends set.

At our family party on Christmas day Hertsje was coming down with a bug, and looked so tired.  It was great to see her at her bouncy and bubbly self today!  And, those who caught it from her were looking better too! 

I'll post those pictures later, after I rest up a bit.

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