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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

On the afternoon of New Year's Eve THGGM became ill.
He spent the next 24 hours in the basement (where he is quite comfortable and has all of his comforts) while I hosted four of the grandchildren for New Year's Eve while their parents went out for dinner with friends.
I had a WONDERFUL time.  They seemed to also, but it's hard to tell.  Two of them got to attend a Griffin's hockey game, and two of them watched The Little Rascals movie with me! 
Of course, since we had all been together the day before, and now THGGM is ill, I sent everyone to bed (all but feintje made it past midnight.  he made it to 11:30 which i thought admirable for a seven year old) with a "just in case" bowl.   Thank goodness no one had to use it!  Yay!
Not only is it New Year's Day, it is also Jonge's 13th birthday!  I do not know how this could possibly be true, but it is.
As you can see, he looks much older than 13, and has for some time.
He of course does not enjoy my taking pictures of him, but since his eyes happened to be closed he did not know. 
No one got up until after 8:30, which was lovely, and we feasted on a breakfast of sausages, orange cinnamon rolls (the kind you bust out of a can), and cheesy omelettes, which they insisted were better when covered in pancake syrup.  We also had sparkling grape juice left from our midnight toast to the New Year (although quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping feintje). 
The rest of the morning they all found something to entertain themselves.  The Lego game for the less sleep deprived Feintje,
who does look considerably perkier than the rest of us!
Famke is still an "arts and crabs" girl, so she got out the things that interested her.
Jonge watched birthday messages pour in from friends and family.
 Kado did quite a bit of drawing, but I didn't get pictures of him while that was happening.
Here are some of their drawings which they kindly left behind for me, who misses making things on Mondays and even Tuesdays.

THGGM ascended the basements stairs later this afternoon after everything here was back to normal.  He said he feels much better but is incredibly tired and achy.
I'm starting to feel a bit "iffy" so am tucking in the first day of 2019.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season, a Happy New Year and do keep celebrating all the way through Epiphany! 

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