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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Good-bye Weekend

A weekend with SUNSHINE!
All weekend long.  That really doesn't happen much.  So we took FULL advantage of it.
Of course, us being us, we still did all of our "usual" weekend activities, but this weekend we added a few more that we haven't done in quite sometime.
Things like HANGING SHEETS ON THE LINE!  Sigh.., one of our favorite things to do.
And although I didn't get a picture of it, THGGM spent a nice amount of time relaxing on his swing.  Today, he reclined on his swing in SHORTS.  And the calendar tells me it isn't spring yet...
This morning we went to breakfast at The Omelette Shoppe.  Oh, I suppose we could go there anytime of year, but the last time we went on the weekend we had to wait outside.  Today, we made sure to get there before the rush.  I had a goat cheese, bacon, and chives omelette.  THGGM had French toast made with pecan cherry bread. After breakfast we drove all around downtown, because everything looked so much better in the sunshine.
In the afternoon we drove out to Spring Lake to look around at Depot Antiques.  They are the real deal.  You should go there too (because i said so).  On our drive there we took the scenic route down Leonard St.  I spotted an eagle in the sky.  Right from that excitement came something even more exciting.  We nearly smashed into the back of the car in front of us that stopped on a dime after rounding a curve in the road.  Thankfully we saw, JUST IN TIME, that someone was on the side of the road flagging us down.  Then we saw it.  A car, perpendicular to the road and upside down, in the ditch.  There were enough people on the scene already, so we carefully passed through.  But, ugh.  How does that even happen?  We came back that way, and the scene had been cleared.  It didn't look like anyone was injured, although I can't imagine how anyone could have walked away from that.

 This is me just before we left, although after that happened, I think I probably have more gray hair.
For some reason, I always look annoyed, which I wasn't.  As I was extremely happy to be going out and doing things.  But, for another unknown reason, I look deranged when I smile.
Oh, and we did not buy anything. ALMOST, but no, we did not.  And almost only counts in horseshoes.

One thing that I haven't been doing lately is shopping at Michael's.  But THGGM had some errands he wanted to do so he dropped me off there yesterday.  I quit going because I ALWAYS find things that I cannot possibly live without.  When I didn't go there, I realized that I COULD live without the things I didn't know about that I wasn't buying, so I just stopped (did you follow that? because it truly does make sense).  I did remember that I could use more drawing paper, so I looked for that, and it was on sale!  I quit buying it when the price shot up to 4.99 for 50 sheets, but Saturday the sale price was only 1.99.  THGGM took awhile to return, which was a dangerous thing for him to do.  Because, they had beads on sale for 70% off!  I now have a new bracelet made out of beads that I wouldn't have known I needed if I hadn't gone to Micheal's (i made another bracelet too, because you know, cheap beads and all that).
Saturday evening we went to a play that Oldest Son directed at Cornerstone University. Daughter, Famke, and Kado came along with us.  The play was "You Can't Take It With You", and it was great! It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who actually ENJOY having other people watch them.  If I could, I would do everything I do out of sight of other people, sort of like a mole, I guess.  Anyway, there was, as there always is, fabulous talent in the theater arts. I wish universities recognized this as something worth putting money and effort into supporting.  Sports never seem to be cut, yet after a certain age, most athletes are done.  Yet in the acting community, the actors keep getting better and better with age.  Anyway, that's my take on it.  And I don't hate sports.  I just have opinions, like everyone else, only different. (and right now, my face really does look annoyed, because this does annoy me.  but even if it didn't, i would still look this way.  it's what i do.)

I'm just throwing this picture out there because it is a structure going up a few miles from us.  People either love it, or hate it.  It's been under construction for what seems to be forEVER.  It's supposed to look like a castle, so I'm thinking if one imagines oneself to be royalty one might like to live there.  Apparently from the other side of this you can see Grand Rapids, but mostly I would think you would be looking at a not so pretty view of the Grand River, I-196, and a lot of commercial businesses that store building materials outside. For some reason, I felt compelled to take a picture of it today.
Oh, and if you are someone who has my phone number and can never seem to reach me, I'd like you to know that I now have a WORKING phone.  Same phone number too.  I could never get the hang of my "better" cellphone, and thought it was just me.  But, apparently, it truly was a BAD cellphone.  My new one works, it has absolutely NO bells or whistles, and actually has VISIBLE buttons that I can push.  The best part about it is that it holds a charge for DAYS.  The old one held a charge for exactly five minutes after it was unplugged.  I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize this, but obviously not so embarrassed that I wouldn't post about it. 


rebecca said...

You think YOU look annoyed?!?
You should see the photo that is slated to appear on my official driver's license (which I hastily applied for this week while out celebrating my sister's birthday). She mentioned getting a new one that had a star on it...did MINE have a star...I took it out to check and saw it had expired on my birthday last December! FORTUNATELY there was a license branch just down the street from where we were. "Take off your glasses," the trainee said. Obediently I did. Unfortunately he didn't say comb your hair. I would have. Sigh.
What IS that building??? (I don't have the time to go back and reread to see if I just overlooked that information.) And dos your son (or was it son-in-law teach at Cornerstone????? (I assume so.)

Anonymous said...

What is that ugly building supposed to be? Is it apartments?

Judy said...

If I'm remembering correctly, the building is for apartments of various sizes. Sort of like a contained community with parking, shops, and amenities. Lower priced than it would cost to rent in Grand Rapids. But it really isn't all that close to downtown. And, there isn't much else nearby.