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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Beautiful Afternoon Along Lake Michigan

 When Pake got out of work we took a quick afternoon trip to PJ Hoffmaster State Park.

Tomorrow will be Kado's 9th birthday, so he got to choose where we would go!

A nice guy at the Visitor Center offered to take our picture.
Every family has one, right?
The kid who wants to jump into every picture?
Today, ours was Kado.
To say he was excited about his impending birthday would be an understatement.
Feintsje finds this exhibit fascinating.
Even watching the short video about it, he said it gave him a weird memory of being afraid when he was younger that they were REALLY as big as this model.
Then his next question was, "COULD they get that big?"
I certainly hope not!
Oh, and Kado is posing.
You know, what with his birthday being tomorrow and all that.

After looking at everything possible INSIDE, we headed into the woods to hike to the beach and the dunes.
Again, notice Kado.
He was certain to get the very most out of his last day of being eight.

It was in the low 70's, overcast, and extremely still along the lake.
That does not often happen.
There are times when you cannot even hear what someone is saying just a few feet away.

The grandkids have a sort of "renewable" energy that Pake and I no longer possess. 
While they raced through the woods, up and down dunes, and back through the woods again, we meandered on behind them.
Kado came back for me.
I'm glad he did!
I was missing so many things along the trail that he was happy to point out to me.
I have NEVER seen anything like this, and I've been taking pictures along this trail for decades.
Some sort of weird fungus growing on a fallen tree, it would seem.
Kado thought it looked like leather.
I thought it looked like an enormous slice of dried beef. 
He found this too.
I would have happily hurried right past her.
He was sure she was the mother of the pin-dot sized baby spiders crawling all over a nearby web.

And then it was home, through back roads to avoid rush hour traffic.
Onward and forward to tonight's baseball game!

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