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Friday, June 15, 2018

Road Trip!

THGGM took today off.
At 8:15 we hopped into the car.
Two hours and fifteen minutes later, we were in Traverse City.
We started out antique shopping at Wilson's, then walked around downtown.
It was warm and 84 when we arrived.
 Of course we stopped at our favorite coffee shop, Espresso Bay to have the sugar-free Milky Way.
We had the frozen ones!
Very good, and the perfect treat after a warm morning of shopping! 

Next on our list of things to do was to drive to Leland for Whitefish and Chips at The Cove.
THGGM checked out the deck, but it was chilly so we stayed inside.
For dessert we had the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake.
Notice that we shared!
Seriously, I intended to have a mere two bites.
Good thing they gave us two spoons instead of two forks, or someone might have been stabbed.
Fishtown is always a great spot to walk around, so after lunch we did just that!
Can you believe it?
Outside of The Cove there was a BLOOMING lilac bush. 
As we walked over the bridge, it started to rain.
And rain, and rain, and rain some more.
Oh, look!
It is FIFTY NINE degrees!
Our next stop was to be Sleeping Bear Dunes.
This was the part of our trip I was MOST looking forward to.
But, with the incessant rain and the much cooler temperature, we drove right on through.
Stopping only briefly at the visitor center. 
Not that it isn't a great visitor center.
It is..
But I was disappointed, to say the least.

Still cold and rainy at Arcadia Bluffs.
Did we get out and enjoy the foggy, rainy view?
We did not.
I did see a couple with an umbrella walk out on the observation deck, although I can't imagine they could have possibly seen anything but fog and rain. 
I watched raindrops slide down the windows while THGGM took a much needed nap.
And then we drove home.
In the rain.
We stopped for coffee in Manistee, where it was sixty and rainy.
So, since we didn't get to walk or drive through Sleeping Bear Dunes, we had time to make it to Kado's baseball game.
He had a great game (that is him in the blue batting helmut)!
We even got to hear his team sing Happy Birthday to him as he passed out cupcakes and Gatorade to them.

Oh, and did you notice the temperature at Kado's game?
86 degrees.
And it was SUNNY!

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