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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Daughter Update

Doesn't it seem weird that I post about my dog, yet leave Daughter and Baby unmentioned?

That is because I have limited internet access. I actually DID write a few posts, but lost them.

Soon, we will have a permanent connection. Presently, I rely on the kindness of the Cornerhouse Cafe. Bless them.

Daughter has been placed on total bedrest. Tuesday she sees an OBGYN who has been called upon to determine whether what she is experiencing is preterm contractions, or preterm labor.

Daughter is not like me. She does not enjoy reading, surfing the net, or leafing through magazines. She likes to go Go GO. She will not be doing ANY going, most likely until the baby comes.

The Husband God Gave Me made it home just a few short minutes before his birthday began. He leaves again at 5:00 tomorrow. He brought Oldest Son home with him. Oldest Son now has a removeable cast, so I got to actually SEE the injured leg. Icky pooh. He isn't even half way through his recovery time. Both Oldest Son and Daughter are eagerly anticipating the new year.

Me too.

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Anonymous said...

Pray that your daughter and baby will be ok!! Glad she is so far!