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Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Saturday

I haven't given a Saturday report for quite some time, so while it is fresh on my mind, I will tell you what I did!

I got up early and went to work. This is a good way to get started on a Saturday morning. At 10:00 The Husband God Gave Me and Youngest Son went out for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to Elder's Electric to buy a washing machine. We found a great scratch and dent washer for an excellent price. We scratch and dent everything we own, so have now just given up on perfection and are allowing someone else to mess things up for us. My washer has been on it's last legs for over a year now. It doesn't aggitate well anymore. Well, it aggitates ME, but not my clothes. It will be delivered on Tuesday, and I am SO excited. I already have a pile of stuff at the ready.

The next phase involves a lot of shopping. THGGM had birthday money and coupons to Younker's. He did well. He even used some of his gift money on me. I am now the proud owner of a boucle' jacket and a lovely old lady pair of khaki stretch jeans. Younker's had the Clinque special going on, so I again have nice make-up and soft smooth skin.

We went to Walmart too, and loaded up on the practical stuff. I now have a dozen pairs of socks. THGGM moved all of his socks with him to Illinois. This does not bother me much, as I hate to wear socks. But, it has turned a bit cooler, and I've a need for them. Today I was reminded about why I hate them so much. It is MUCH easier just to wash ones foot after stepping in disgusting dog/cat problems than it is to have to remove a sock, run up stairs for a new pair, and then deal with the mess. Yes. That must be why.

At 4:00 we met Daughter and Son-in-law for early dinner at "On the Border". It is Daughter's birthday Tuesday, and since THGGM will be gone, we celebrated on Saturday. I highly recommend the Chicken Burrito. Yum.

Then on to more shopping. THGGM loves to shop. I love to look at books, so he left me in Barnes and Noble. I found a magazine I was looking for, and it did not disappoint.

The ice cream shop that has Blue Moon was still open. We indulged.

I went to my mom and dad's to organize their medications for the week, and THGGM went to the store to get supplies for communion at church.

We met up again in Youngest Son's bedroom to watch "Moving Up" and "Trading Spaces" on TLC. Youngest Son and Girl Friend were watching "A Beautiful Mind" on DVD in the den.

Sometime in there, we also went to a thrift store. I bought 17 beautiful white napkins for $4.00. What a deal. Not a stain on them.

That was Saturday.

What did you do on Saturday?

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Mel said...

Uh. That was so long ago. My husband took our 7-year old to soccer practice. I paid bills, then took the other three kids with me to the bank and to Wendy's for lunch. Then home again where our daughter napped (but didn't sleep) and I went to the grocery store alone. When I got back, my husband went to the church to prepare for the wedding. I joined him at the wedding at 5 p.m., then afterwards we had a nice dinner. My mom babysat. Quite a busy day!