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Friday, October 14, 2005

Really Stupid Songs

Whenever I am about to get a migraine, a strange phenomenon happens. Yes, of course, the usual ones, but this one even I've never heard of. But, it happens to me.

A really really really stupid song gets stuck in my head. For years it was "American Pie". Oh, you don't think that is a stupid song? It is if it is blaring in your head for hours at a time with no possible way to turn it off.

Today, I would think that song a blessing. I fear I am about to get a migraine, and the song of the day is "Did You Ever See a Lassie?". Yes. Stupid, it is.

But, it has gotten me to thinking, HAVE I ever seen a lassie?

As I child, I remember pondering this. The only Lassie I knew of was a dog. A dog that seemed to be determined, not so much going 'this way and that way and this way and that way'.

So, I guess the answer is a resounding "NO!".

I have never seen a lassie go this way and that.

Had she gone this way and that way, Timmy would still be in the well.

Answering the song's question does not stop it from playing in my head.

Who wrote these STUPID songs, and how is it that I know all of the words?

Other songs that have in the recent past gotten stuck in my head and turned into migraines are:

"Play that Funky Music White Boy" (but i do actually like that song)

"There's a Hole in the Bucket" (all the verses,... migraines are cruel)

"Crazy" (only in my head it goes very very slow, slower than Patsy)

"Unforgetable" (the version by both Nat and Nataly)

"You're My Cheeseburger" and "The Pirates that Don't Do Anything" (why???)

And, the one that mystifies me the most is that most meaningful verse four of the hymn

"Praise the Savior"

Then we shall be where we wouuld be,
Then we shall be what we should be;
Things that are not now, nor could be,
Soon shall be our own.

I took some medication. No one is home to take the computer away from me and redirect me into the noble work I have left to do today.

I have two bathrooms to clean, a kitchen floor to scrub and several dozen cookies to bake.

If I see a lassie, I'll be sure to let you know.


Mel said...

Don't they mean "lassie," like a little girl, a lass? At least you don't have the Elmo song flitting about in your head!

Elizabeth said...

Is it possible to drown out the annoying song with music on the CD player? A different song perhaps?

Anvilcloud said...

Similar to elizabeth: once or twice I have had some luck reprogramming one song with another.

thicket dweller said...

Did you know that there's actually a term for this? It's called an "earworm" and is taken from the German term Ohrwurm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earworm