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Monday, December 14, 2009

Famke Plays

This morning Jonge and Famke found a great 'lift the flap' book. It opens up and has pictures on both sides.
They were amazed by this!
Then I remembered that we have a bin full of plastic animals of every creed and denomination in the toy closet, so we pulled that out.
While Jonge enjoyed having his band of lions roar and eat things in a corner of the living room, Famke took up recidence in front of this scene and had a WONDERFUL time playing in her own little make-believe world.
Someone else just may have her Beppe's love of dioramas and wee bits.

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Karen said...

I used to love doing dioramas in shoe boxes when I was a child, for school. When my kids were assigned them, I could hardly keep my hands off. Famke looks so intent on her project.