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Monday, December 07, 2009

Jonge, Jonge, Jonge

This one is a deep thinking, deep feeling sweet heart. He didn't like the oatmeal yesterday. I bribed him with a candy kiss. He ate it all then, and pronounced it good.

He is missing his Pa very much these days.
One day last week he told me that it was getting hard for him to remember Pa. So, we talked about Pa a bit, and I lowered the pictures on the fridge so he could see them better.

Yesterday it hit him hard in the afternoon. I held him while he cried and cried. It's really so very sad. Pa used to come here every day that I had the grand kids. His reason in coming was to sit down and watch them play and interact with them. He wanted to know them, and he wanted them to know him. My dad's grandparents and great-grand parents lived in another country and he never saw them. Not even once. Jonge knew Pa as someone who always had the time to watch whatever it was Jonge wanted Pa to watch. They played a wicked game of 'cane ball' too. Sometimes Pa's hearing aides would make weird noises, other times his O2 tank would 'puff'. When he came from the lab, he would have bandages on his arm and a lot of bruises from his previous lab visits. But he always brought some candy and had time for hugs and kisses and listening to whatever was important to Jonge that day.
It's no wonder he misses him.
After we had spent some time talking about all things 'Pa', Jonge felt better and joined Famke playing with toys on the floor. While I attempted to hold MY emotions in check, Jonge looked up at me and said, "Beppe, when I get big and move to another house far away with Uncle David and Aunt Danielle (these are two of his dad's siblings who share a house) I'm still going to remember you."
That's good to know.
That is GOOD to know.


Jeanie said...

The emotions of those little ones are so sweet. He is lucky to have you to let him know it is okay to feel them.

Karen said...

Makes my heart ache. Brings back memories of how my kids missed my mom so much when she passed. They're so innocent and it's so hard to watch them experience life's lessons. You're such a huge blessing to your grandkids, Judy.

Yvonne said...

Oh that story broke my heart -

daisymarie said...

As you describe their times together...I miss him too.