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Thursday, December 10, 2009

She Sort of Makes Stuff

Quickly and aimlessly I surfed through blogs early this morning. Someone (i'll identify which blog when i find it again) had a BEAUTIFUL snowman made with two wooden embroidery hoops and a GORGEOUS wool cable knit sweater. Well, I had some aqua hoops setting out waiting for me to embroider the grandkids hand prints. THAT hasn't happened, so I thought I'd try the hoops for a snowman made with humble thrifted things I have laying all over my house. Maybe tomorrow I'll try for a nose and mouth. Maybe. Hard time committing.

I DID have a very good time cutting up an Old Navy lambs wool sweater I bought at the thrift store. I'd made a couple of felted wool wreathes and garlands out of dark wool sweaters a few years ago.

This sweater was much brighter. I'd already made some of it into a scarf and hat. I thought of a few other things, but I kept coming back to the wreath and garland idea.

This one striped sweater gave me so many colors!
Then, I remembered that I had purchased a couple of bead storage containers at the thrift store a few years ago that had some bits and pieces of old glass garland beads in them.
The most surprising thing isn't that I had them, it's that I knew exactly where they were!
Youngest Son stopped by today to play with his niece and nephews, so I could even run down into the basement and rut around for things. That was nice.
Now there is a NEW mess on the dining room table.
But I'm happy because I made something!
Well. Sort of.


Pat said...

You are so creative..you really should be a teacher, your students would love you!

Jeanie said...

I know I've said it before, but your creativity is awesome.