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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Twenty-Two Days Until Christmas

THGGM and I went to a musical this afternoon. A very nice production of "1940s Radio Hour". If you live in the Grand Rapids area, I highly recommend it. This year we did not know anyone in the cast, but someone in the program looked a bit familiar.


Melissa said...

Occasionally wish I did live in the GR area. :)

Tournesol said...

Lov e the Santa numbered cards, so cute!

Rebecca said...

I believe I've officially caught up with you. I have NO idea how I've missed the past posts (including your Put on a Happy Face song).

I even tried to "follow" your blog again and it wouldn't let me because I already DO. I THOUGHT so.

The coffee filter snowflakes are getting better and better. Do you have a display case for them? And the vignettes under glass, etc. are very interesting.

Judy, you and Janie Fox are two of the most amazing granny bloggers that I know - keepin' up with the g'kids AND managing to stay amazingly productive & creative personally... Wow!