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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today At My House

Earlier in the week I was holding a sleeping Broeder when I noticed the bushes under the window were quivering like crazy.  Then I saw it.  A Cooper's Hawk (i think) sitting in the middle of our front yard.
Today I was sitting in the same chair, telling  the story to anyone who would listen, when I looked out the window, and  in the tree right across the street was a hawk.
Of course I grabbed my camera. I was able to get a few good pictures, and so was Jonge, who has a steadier arm than I do.
It's a beautiful bird.

I've been seeing this one, or one just like it, for five years now.

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Anonymous said...

Have a very merry happy Christmas with all of your family and a wonderful happy and healthy 2015. DM