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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Bit of Fun Thrift Shopping

 Today THGGM and I made stops at three of my favorite thrift shops.

The one just around the corner, one in Hudsonville, and one in Holland.

But my favorite find came from the one closest to me.

A Coach purse!

I have a smaller one, also a terrific thrift store find, but this one is just a bit bigger, and I already love it.
Not sure why it looks reddish in the top photo, as the leather is the color it appears in THIS photo.

The inside is very nice too, I love the color, and that it has nice little compartments for things.

It was THGGM's idea to buy it.  He had a 20% off punch card.

I'm surprised he wanted to buy it for me, as last week we had to retrace my steps to find where I had left my purse.

One would think that I am getting to be of a certain age...

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