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Sunday, June 14, 2015

It Does Not Take Much To Make Me Happy

Two more thrift store finds!  These teeny tiny blocks are of London.  I never would have found them except that in the area where bathroom/laundry things are I found a basket that had a few baggies with very old wooden clothes pins in them.  Any clothes pin causes me to go into ecstasies, but these were obviously old.  One bag was the pinch kind, and one the pin kind.  Then I noticed another bag. Imagine my surprise when I picked it up and saw it was these cute blocks.  I wasn't sure if it was a complete set or not, but for 80 cents I did not care.  When I got home I put their description into google and found the exact set.  It has all of the pieces.  In museum shops they sell for about $14.00.  
 That's one of the things I love about thrift store shopping.  You just never know what you are going to find, or where you are going to find it!

This little tin was in the very back of a shelf of mostly candle holders.  I noticed it right away because it looked old and rusty.  It was 20 cents.  Of course, how could I NOT buy a very old tin for a mere 20 cents?  Then I opened it, and LOOK AT WHAT WAS INSIDE!!!  Nibs!  There was no holder, but when I got them home they nicely fit in the holder I already have!  Oh, yes, I am very happy with my finds from this weekend.  And all of this came from just the first thrift store.

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Anonymous said...

It is easy to recognize Big Ben, the London Eye, the "cigar"office building, not syre about the circle thing and the two other towers, have to have a look-up of London sky line. Indeed, things that belong in your house, not in a thriftstore gathering dust. I just paid les then 13 Euro for 17 CD's, old ones not to be bought in stores anymore. Of course they were in a thrift store and I like almost all of them, well known artists to me. One I knew right away I would listen to twice and then hand it on, one was of James Last, who past away last week, an orchestral leader from the 80's (search for his "Biscaya" I love it, could listen to it over and over again, such a queting seasound. One has only one instrumental number I wish to put in my laptop and I-pod, because it was played at my brothers vremation ceremony, it is "et les oiseaux chantait", my brother always said "with the cuckoo". Brings back sweet memories of Sunday mornings, where a radio presenter said just that "from the Sweet People, with the cuckoo". Old things have my good feelings, but when working in my very small garden I realise I am not twenty anymore, ouch. Well, there is always cross stitching and genealogy, so I can be amused quite easily. DM