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Sunday, July 19, 2015

At the Gillette Visitor Center

I love this place!

But as Feintsje quickly found out, nature can sometimes be horrifying!

At my house, we sometimes watch a woodchuck in our neighbor's yard while we are eating lunch.  In this glass case are taxidermied  animals.  One of them is a woodchuck.  They have very large teeth.  It was all rather a shock to this boy.
This is a baby snapping turtle.

It served as a reminder to me not to lose anyone on this trip.
He is really very tiny.
Did YOU know this?  Did you know that squirrels eat birds?  I did not know this!

Jonge pointed it out to me.  I assured him that it was not a bird.  He told me it certainly was a bird, a woodpecker.

So I used my handy-dandy zoom lens, and then apologized to Jonge for not believing him.
I wonder if a lot of birds die by flying into this large set of windows?

Because the squirrels who live here are certainly not lacking for food.

Hmm.  Much to ponder here.

I could stay here all day just to watch the wildlife.
Part of the fun for me is watching these people.

Then I go back into the archives of this blog to notice just how much they've grown over the years.
Relief maps are so cool.  Unless of course, I have to make it out of salt dough.

Here Kado and Feintsje are trying to find the location in the woods where we had our lunch.
 Famke learns about wolf spiders.  I know all I need to know already!  Keep them away from me!

Jonge looking at grains of sand under a microscope.

Kado too!
Kado pointed out that one of the dune blow-outs looks just like a dinosaur!

There is so much to see here.

And again I must wonder, where are all the people!?

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