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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sand Hill Cranes

In my home town, we don't see Sand Hill Cranes everyday.

But driving past this field in Wisconsin, somewhere between Union Grove and Burlington I noticed these birds.
 THGGM even consented to turn the car around so we could go back to see if in fact those birds were Sand Hill Cranes.
I believe we passed this field at least four times on Friday, and TWICE I was able to convince THGGM to stop for a photo op.
At one point I was able to count twenty one of them.

 I like birds.

THGGM doesn't care much for them.

So I think it is rather kind of him to stop to indulge me in my love of birds.
For some of the pictures I used the Posterize option on PicMonkey.com.
They turned out rather well that way, as I was straining my zoom lens to get close ups.

Such beautiful birds.

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