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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thursday, Lake Geneva Wisconsin

It was a gorgeous morning for shopping!

There was even a farmer's market and craft show going on in Lake Geneva.

A man at the farmer's market tried to sell us his honey for healing bedsores.

I did not think any one of us looked like we were walking around with bed sores, but it was kind of him to offer.

I would have purchased it based on its ooey gooey goodness spread on toast, but hey, what do I know?

The only reason I didn't buy from him was that he was a bit pushy, and I already have a source for Door County honey at the cheese shop inside an antiques mall we visited on Friday.

And everywhere we went, evidences of fall were all around us.
Of course, we visited all of our favorite places.
Lunch at Simple and the buying of bread were musts on our list of things to do.
The angel atop the fountain down by the water.
The shopping IS amazing here, but we actually travel to Wisconsin as often as possible to visit with these lovely people.
Some of the boats on Lake Geneva.  Someday we hope to ride the mail boat, or maybe even take the dinner cruise.

My beautiful aunt.  She is my mom's youngest sister.  I love her and her family dearly.
Just a few of my most favorite people on earth.

You should visit here also.

And now you know which way to go to purchase your tickets!

I'm ever so helpful, aren't I?


Rebecca said...

Years ago, I spoke at a ladies' retreat at a retreat center of some sort. I remember wanting to return when I had time to really immerse myself in the town. We DID take a boat cruise around the lake..... I forgot to return. Thanks for reminding me. (It looks like you had a lovely day & visit.)

Danielle Lincoln Hanna said...


It was lovely to "visit" Lake Geneva again through your post. I've been there twice now, doing research for a series of novels I'm setting on the lake, and I miss it like heck when I'm away!

I HIGHLY recommend the Mailboat tour. The narrated history of the lakeside mansions is fascinating, and - of course - watching the Mail Jumpers is always fun!

Thanks again for the blog post!