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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thoughts from a Gloomy December

I've been feeling a bit like Charlie Brown this season.  As Linus said; "Charlie Brown, you are the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem."  And it isn't that I'm over extended or anything like that.  It's a mood.  I'll get over it. I always do.
1.  If I've learned ANYTHING over the 57 years of my life, it's that I do not process my feelings very well.  I tend to feel all "Christmasy" in the beginning of November.  By December, I'm already struggling with the shorter days.  So my thoughts tend toward enjoying the good bits of Christmas everyday of the year.  Seriously.  One day, or even an entire month isn't enough.
2.  I haven't even posted about our wonderful family Thanksgiving yet.  Part of that is due to my broken camera.  I did get pictures, but it was a rainy gloomy day, so I needed to use a flash on my old camera.  Presently I do not like the look of pictures taken with a flash.  Soon I believe I will regret not taking pictures, even if they aren't of quality.  Anyway, my broken camera is making me sad.  But I'm dealing with it.
3.  That brings us to our St. Nicholas Day annual family event.  Daughter's entire family caught a stomach bug that week, so we post-poned it until this past weekend.  Just before the party started, Hertsje came down with it.  We managed to have a wonderful time without her, but still.  It was not the
same.  Christmas seen through the eyes of a three-year old is not something that I want to miss.  Feintje helped me decorate the basement family room with Oldest Son's collection of nutcrackers.  We were so excited to see what she thought of it!  Oh, well.
4.  So, yesterday the last of the grandchildren, Broeder, came down with it.  That makes all six grand kids, a pair of parents, and an uncle.  Ugh.  Of course, this SHOULD be what Christmas feels like for me, but still.  I do believe he thought I was trying to kill him by pointing his mouth toward the bowl. He couldn't understand why I was doing this when he felt so miserable, and I couldn't get him to understand why I was pushing his head into a bowl.  But, let's just say this delicately, it all came out all right.  And today, Broeder is feeling all better.  I've felt iffy since the first child got sick, but I'm hanging in there.  Yay.
5.  Last week I went to the dentist.  I'm sure most people I know do this every six months.  I'm not most people.  Ugh.  Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I had thought.  Just more expensive.  2016 just may be known as the year of the dentist.  This brought up all sorts of thoughts about insurance, as they assured me that I have a GREAT dental plan.  But even a great dental leaves a lot to be desired. I already have two crowns.  I guess that isn't enough for a queen of my caliber.
6.  So far the highlight of December was seeing the three oldest kids at the church Christmas program.  They each had a part to say.  None of these kids like being in front of a group of people, yet they did it, and did it well!  And I did not bring my camera.  Apparently, life still happens, even when I am not recording it.
7.  I've been spending a good deal of time playing Christmas music.  This morning I sat at the piano for a while.  It's so much more enjoyable for me when it isn't "practicing" just playing.  And SOMEDAY I'm going to get the timing down on the Charlie Brown music, Linus and Lucy.  If you must know, I'm better at Christmas hymns and the more classical pieces. I'm not good at all, but I do get a lot of enjoyment out of it anyway.  And I have the piles of music to prove that.  But since I have stuff to do, presently I am playing through all of our Christmas CD's.  I'm listening to Amy Grant right now, but coming up next will be John Denver and the Muppets, Rod Stewart, Burl Ives, Point of Grace, Pentatonix, Sandi Patti, and Bing!  Those are the ones I've gotten out so far.  There's a harp and strings one in there somewhere that I love, along with a bunch of others.  If it stays this gloomy, I'm going to need to keep them all playing to brighten the mood.
8.  Speaking of CD's.  I cannot find my set of Messiah CDs.  I bought an advent devotional book based on it for my kindle.  Thankfully, I haven't even needed the CDs.  I read the daily devotional part of the book and the music starts playing in my head.  This is helpful.  Hmm.  I DO have the music for the Messiah, but.., um.., it's difficult to play to say the least.
9.  And of course, as always I have a stack of Christmas reading next to my side of the bed.  I had the good sense to start early with that this year.  I've discovered many favorite authors from reading excerpts from their books in various old Christmas anthologies.  I hear of so many people who detest anthologies, but I LOVE them.  The most read book with the grand kids this year has again been Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.  Still have to read The Bird's Christmas Carol.  It's a sad one, so maybe I'll wait a bit.
10.  Baking.  Oh yes.  Such FUN for a diabetic at Christmas.  I've yet to do that.  Next week I'm hoping Santa's Elves, who will not have school, will find it in their hearts to do it with me.  It'll be messier, but a lot more fun that way.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

"And that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown,"  said Linus.

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Mitzi said...

I hope the flu bug is through with your family soon.
You reminded me about a CD I bought with an old Victorian Book last week at a thrift store. I just put it on-it is peppy and fun to listen to.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. You and your husband have to be the best Grandparents I know of.