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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Back To Some Sense of Normalcy

Do things seem "normal" to you on this Tuesday in February?  They are beginning to for me.  At least I hope so.  I've found that it is SOOO much easier to hibernate when it is a cold and snowy winter, but this one (thank you el nino) hasn't had too much of either.  Oh, there is still time for that, but as winters go, this one hasn't been too terribly bad.  And, I remember that we had a winter like this four years ago.  The only "stay off the roads, highways are closed" warnings that year came on the day our darling Hertsje made her appearance in this world.  I can hardly believe that she will be FOUR YEARS OLD tomorrow!
So, while I'm trying to get things caught up around here (i have no kids here today, but there are books strewn everywhere...) I leave you this video of Hertsje singing what she tells me is her daddy's favorite song.  Her daddy tells me he has no idea what song this is, but she is quite sure.  Quite sure. Oh, and there isn't any music coming through the head phones.  Those are on her purely for effect. And the fingers that show up in front of the camera?  Those belong to Feintsje, who occasionally tires of Hertsje's performances.

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