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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Once Upon a Time In a Land Far Far Away from Now...

Today was spent mostly looking through boxes and boxes of family pictures and memorabilia   It began as a hunt for an obituary from 57 years ago.  I haven't found what I was looking for, yet.

But what I DID find were a few boxes of pictures that had been my parents.  Mostly of their eight grandchildren.

I do not remember having seen these before.  This doesn't mean that I HAVEN'T ever seen them, I just don't REMEMBER having seen them.

This was one of the pictures.  Oldest Son at 10 months on his first Halloween.

And I DO remember crocheting the clown hair for him.  He did not like it, not one little bit.  This is his "I'm not happy about this" face.  Oh, and that is my happy face.  Because I was most happy to have this little clown in my life.  And I still am.

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Buddy Haskill said...

Christine says I still make that face.