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Thursday, April 07, 2016

A Room of Her Own

 It is spring break here at my house.  The youngest two grand kids are vacationing in Nebraska for the week, so I only had the oldest four on Monday and Wednesday, and THGGM had those days off too. We had plans to do outside stuff: the zoo, Meijer Gardens, or just playing out of doors, but THAT never happened, as it was cold, and either rainy or snowy both of those days.

But did we still have fun?

Oh yes we did!

Famke and I set to work early Monday morning (they spent the night with us on Sunday) setting up a room in our basement for our American Girl dolls.

The first picture shows a couple of boxes that I am hoping to soon turn into a suitable bed for her.

Famke had a great time arranging things.

I was looking around for a small vase for flowers for her nightstand.

Famke was looking for something too.

Not being quite sure what she had come up with, I asked her.

Her reply?  "A throw-up bowl."


I'm hoping to hang the mirrored shelf, add rods for her clothes in the wardrobe, and maybe a picture or two on the wall.  I haven't done it yet, as I also have a few old maps I've been meaning to hang.  So much to think about!

This week I learned that I am no good at sizes.

Truly I pictured in my mind that ALL of the stuff I had for this doll would fit on one, or maybe two tables.

Ugh.  This is NOT the case.

I still have more I want to make, but I'm quite sure that THGGM isn't willing to give up ALL the space in the basement to me.

He's a generous man, but he does have his limits.

This is just an old small lampshade I had.  I plopped it on top of a thrifted candlestick, and there you have it - a lamp!

Well, now you have seen the bedroom portion of our arranging.

There is still a living room, den/library/art room, and kitchen to see!

And soon I hope to have the school room up and running.  THGGM went to the hardware store to look for spindles for legs for the lap desk.  He thought them too expensive (he was right) so came home and dug around in his garage for a minute where he found a set of four legs that are just the right height for it!

This made me happy.

But then, I am easily entertained.

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