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Friday, April 08, 2016

AG Doll Stuff

This is the area Famke and I deemed best for the dolls den.  Also library and art studio!  The carom board won't be staying, as it belongs to Oldest Son, who with his wife has just bought their first house!

This thing with the books.  Until this week it was on the dresser in our bedroom.  I like it here better.

A couple of these books were gifts.  The rest were found at the thrift store.

I'm sooo glad that the dolls like to read!

Both Famke and Hertsje like gymnastics, so we are leaving floor space for that sort of thing.
I should probably be looking for something to work as bars or a balance beam.  Hmm.

Thankfully, when it is only me, my doll is happy to drink her coffee, read her books, and draw with her very own teeny tiny colored pencils.

One day, I handed her my cell phone to use as a tablet.  But then I had the thought that maybe, just maybe, I had taken things one step to far.

There IS a fine line between sanity and insanity, or so I've been told.

I must tell you here that I was not the kind of little girl that played with dolls all day long. And when I did, it was NOTHING like this!

My favorite thing to do with them was to play airplane crash, pull them apart, throw them around and then play nurse and put them back together again.

And people wonder why I don't like to fly.

So in this, my second childhood (or is it my third or forth?) I am trying to get it right.

As far as scale goes, I shall never be true to that.  It's difficult to do it all exact, and gratifying to find amazing things that work well.  Making do works for me, and so far, not a peep of complaint from either doll!
Last week I watched a few videos on how to make yarn rope.

That means that I have a rather large number of yarn ropes lying about.

After awhile I got pretty good at it, and taught Jonge and Famke how to do it too.

These make GREAT belts, scarves, and possibly even hair extensions for the dolls.

Can you tell I am having fun with this?  I am!

Famke is really excited about it too, and that makes me very happy.

On Monday after we had set it all up, we went upstairs to have lunch.  After lunch I asked her if she was ready to get back to it.

Her reply?

"You stay up here.  I want to play with it by myself".

I did not cry, but I came close.

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Mitzi said...

You never fail to amaze me. What a wonderful setting you have created for your Granddaughters to play with their{your} American Girl dolls. You are a great Grandma.
Hope to run into you again soon.