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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Such a FUN Saturday

Today I made this!  I haven't glued it all down yet, it's just resting there.  Obviously, this was not difficult at all.  You should make one too!
Oh, and if you read the post below, you may be interested to know that at 3:30 am I heard THGGM stirring, so I asked him what else I bought at the last antique mall we went to.  He said, "You mean the little wooden things".  The little wooden things.  No.  That didn't even help.  What little wooden things?  Then it hit me!  I bought two little baggies at less than thrift store prices.  One had wooden game pieces, most likely from an old Sorry game.  The other had an assortment of old shaped blocks. And THEN I fell deeply asleep.


rebecca said...

Oh! Those little wooden things!
Honestly. We really DO have many similar inclinations!
I have a drawer FULL of orphaned game pieces! (and old shaped blocks, too.)

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing what you remembered you bought. I wouldn't have lost sleep over it, but I sure was curious about it. And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does things like that:(