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Thursday, August 04, 2016

I Make Stuff Out Of Stuff

I made this couch for Famke for her 9th birthday which is next week.
Saturday at her sleep-over we started working on it together.
For the next few days it took over our kitchen table, but I got it finished Tuesday evening and she took it home with her last night.
I probably should write down somewhere how we did it, but I sort of just wing it, which makes writing it all down somewhat difficult.

I'm happy with how it turned out, but more importantly, so is Famke!
I make them deep, since the American Girl doll's knees do not bend.  This one will nicely hold two dolls sitting, but one fits pretty well lying down.

This is what I used to make it:

A cardboard box (from an Amazon delivery)
Thrifted upholstery fabric ($2.00)
Half a bag of thrifted fiber fill. ($1.00 for the bag)
Thrifted wooden napkin rings (.50)
A handful of tongue depressors (to reinforce the back)
The "board" from a broken clipboard (to reinforce the seat)
Two pieces cut from a pool noodle (for the armrests)
Thrifted crochet lace
Regular ol' Elmer's Glue

Son-in-law built a loft bed for Famke for her birthday.  Underneath it she is going to have a little reading area for herself, and a place for her American Girl Doll and her furniture.  I can't wait to see how she arranges all of it!

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