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Thursday, September 01, 2016

A Hike in the Wood

After learning everything we could about bats, it was time to do what we came to do - HIKE!
The men decided to climb one hundred and twenty six steps to overlook a dune blowout.  
They are hardier folk than I.

I continued on alone through the woods.
It was lovely.
But eventually they found me!
I knew they would.
The younger of the men still had the energy to repeatedly run up and down the dune.
How is it that the ones with the most energy need it the least?
Is there a bad view of Lake Michigan anywhere? If there is, I don't know where.
And now, for the trek back!
Since I did not fly down the sand dune, I didn't have to climb back up it!
I walked around the TOP of the dune, taking pictures.
I do that A LOT.
Then I get home, and wonder what to do with hundreds of beautiful pictures of Lake Michigan.
Because, really, there isn't a bad picture in the bunch.  
Of course the men, who had scaled the heights AND the dune, left me in their dust.
I took dozens of pictures of weird mushrooms.
I would post those, but they really are weird, as mushroom pictures are wont to be.
So I shall leave you with just this one picture from my hike out of the woods.
This tree stump that looks soooo much like a dinosaur foot.
Doesn't it?
I had to gather the men around to see it for themselves.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Yes, it DOES look like a dinosaur's foot; and NO, there probably ISN'T a bad view of Lake Michigan.