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Thursday, September 01, 2016

A Mid-Week Vacation Day

 THGGM had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week.  On Tuesday he went with Daughter, Jonge and Famke to Michigan's Adventure Water Park.  They had a wonderful time, although he did come home telling me that he now understands what it feels like to be old.  He was 25 years younger the last time he was there.
Yesterday we took Jonge, Kado, and Feintsje to Hoffmaster State Park to hike.  Famke was at her friends house so we weren't graced with her presence.
Our first stop was the visitor center.  We all love this place.  It is so wonderfully maintained and has interactive displays.
Feintsje is watching a movie about ant lions.  It's a bit creepy!
Below he is learning about the wolf spider.  Equally creepy, yet interesting

After that we walked out into the main lobby were a nice man asked us if we knew very much about bats.
All I know is that we had one in our basement this week, which was NOT pleasant.
But we went along with it.
There was a quiz, a fun movie, and then we all got to make a bat glider.
 Seriously, this was SOOO cool!
After the bat gliders were made, the boys got to fly them off the balcony, right on to Pake, who I am SHOCKED could stand it, after dealing with that basement bat just days earlier.  They looked SO real, as you can see in the video below.

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