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Monday, September 26, 2016


So of course we made things!

Hertsje found a paper doll with a change of clothes and wondered where it came from and could we make more?

It was from a paper doll set I picked up from Stampin' Up a very long time ago.

Since it would have taken time for me to traipse into the basement to find the stamps, and into a closet to find the paper for copying the clothes, I asked her how she would feel if we made our very own paper dolls.

She answered with her charming, "Ohhh, yesss!"

And so we did.

I sketched out a very basic body and cut if out.

Then we each colored our paper doll how we wanted too.

Although, I wanted mine to look cuter than it does, Hertsje was extremely thrilled with how hers turned out.

Our first outfits came out looking like hospital gowns, but after a bit we figured out the best colors and patterns for our tiny paper people.
We even gave them somewhat matching pajamas.

Now I'm not sure if she will ever want to play with the Stampin' Up set I have, but we shall see.

I like having things to do that are the same, but different.

With the paper doll set Hertsje can play around with different mediums of color - markers, watercolor, colored pencils, crayon.

And, I even purchased some cardboard dolls for us to make one dimensional fabric clothes.

Maybe latter in the week we shall attempt some friends for these girls.
Or maybe a paper house.
I think we already started one of those!
I hope your Monday was fun like mine.
Because on Monday, everyone everywhere should make something.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I have liked paper dolls all my life!
Haven't had a chance to make any lately though.
Maybe next Monday.
Yours are amazing!
(It's Wednesday. Seems like Monday was years ago. Can't remember what I created on Monday.)