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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Today We Celebrated a Birthday!

Today is THGGM's birthday!
He started his day by waking up to MY alarm, donating plasma, and then grocery shopping for his own party.
See?  I planned all kinds of fun things for him to do!
After that he had a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, and he drove me around to two of my favorite thrift stores.  Could I help it that his birthday fell on a Saturday?
After that, we got to stay with this boy while the rest of his family went to a wedding.
And we had SOOO much fun!
It was warm and muggy, not to mention extremely buggy, but there are some things one just must do at Lake Michigan.
Yes!  We got to go to THE cottage, where Broeder's family was staying for the weekend.
Not too many leaves had turned color yet, but the beach was bigger.
Broeder spent most of his beach time attempting to drag this log out of the water.
It wasn't budging.
But that did not stop him from trying!

It was misty when we first headed down the steps to the beach, but it didn't take too long before the sun appeared.
Isn't that pretty?
 Since Broeder is now in full-time daycare we do not get to see so much of him, so it truly WAS special, and a wonderful birthday present for THGGM to spend an afternoon at the beach with this boy.
 He even obliged me by reading Finding Nemo to me.

But as always, it's Pake that the grand kids all go crazy about.
It's like I just come along for the ride or something.
I'm not complaining!
When the time was right, we helped Broeder get ready to go to the "wedding party" (reception).
Although I frequently tell you that I rarely attempt to pose children, I DID try to get a nice picture of Broeder in front of the fireplace.
He was happy to do so, as long as I let him drag along the box from his little cousin's birthday present, which he had filled up with blocks and puzzles from around the room.
Nope.  He wouldn't let go of that.

So that was THGGM's birthday afternoon.
It was incredibly fun to play with this delightful three year old.
And then we went home and got ready for tonight's Birthday Game-Night Party!

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