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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Birthday Game-Night

MOSTLY it was game night.
Of course, we also had pizza, a plethora of snacks, and strawberry shortcake for the Birthday Pake!
Someday, we may actually get better at doing this.
The only game I played was Scrabble, but that was on my laptop, against Daughter, who was at the time playing a different game across the room from me.
Son-in-law didn't play either, he watched games instead.
We accept all manner of game players here!
Kado likes to make up the rules using various games.
Surprisingly enough, it was Feintje who kept winning!
Famke was the winner of Yahtzee, and that is about all I kept track of.
I'm at that stage in life where I ask people what they want to eat/drink then I walk into the kitchen and can't remember ANYTHING.  It's annoying for everyone.  Yet, I must wonder, how is it that I don't forget that this happens?  No.  I remember that.  Just not who wants what to drink, and if you specify a particular color bowl it is impossible for me to remember, even if you ALWAYS use the same color bowl at my house.  Perhaps it is just the noise level.  One wonders.
Oh, wait!  I remember NOW.  I DID play a game tonight.
I believe it is called Mad Gab, or something like that.
Someone reads a name, or phrase, or title, phonetically and the players guess what it actually is.
It is hilarious.
Especially at the late hour of 8:45 when your bedtime is  9:00.
It really is THAT funny.

And that was THGGM's birthday.
I had a GREAT time.
Hope he did too!

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