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Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Baby Statue. I Mean Sewing Machine.

This is the birthday present that THGGM chose for himself this year.
It is a Singer sewing machine.
The bench and a box full of sewing things came along with it.
It is really a beautiful cabinet, and makes for a lovely end table.
He cared not a wit that it had a sweet old black Singer sewing machine in it, but that was a thrill for me!  And, it isn't even my birthday!
Does anyone else who has ever read the children's book "Harriett the Spy" remember the couple that Harriett spied on who purchased a baby statue?
Whenever we get something new, we like to sit and stare at it like that couple did.
As soon as it was in place, TTHGM invited me to sit down and look at his "baby statue" with him.

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Rebecca said...

I've not read the book, but we do the same thing! (We also stack our books like that most anywhere.)