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Monday, September 26, 2016

More Fall Ball

We made it home from the flea market in time to make it to the last half of the second game of Jonge's double header.

The game was played at Riverside Park, along the Grand River on the north side of Grand Rapids.

It is such a beautiful park!

They lost the first game, apparently by quite a bit, and the mode was less than jovial.
But by the second half of the second game, they took the lead and held on to it.

The mood definitely picked up!

And we got to witness some great pitching from this boy.

We certainly did!
Jonge pitched the last two innings of the second game.

Sooo glad we got to witness that!

Lots of pressure, but he is handling it well.
And that was how we spent Sunday afternoon after the antiques flea market.

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