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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Allegan Antiques Flea Market

Every month from April to September THGGM and I PLAN to go to Allegan to roam the fair grounds looking for treasure.

This month, it finally worked out and we made it for the last one of this year.

It was the perfect day for it.  Warm and sunny, but not muggy.

Even I couldn't complain.

Because, you know me, not one to complain!

Except of course about humidity, snowy roads, pain, mean people, etc., but REALLY not much at all!
I'm not sure if it was just because I didn't really have anything in mind to scout around for, but I didn't see much that interested me.

There were some very good Fisher Price vintage selections, but I seriously have to cut back on buying those (see post below).  So I took the time to price things if I ever feel the need to sell what I have.

Oldest Son came along with us.  He was looking for Lego, board games, and collectibles that he has interest in.

THGGM had a few things he was hoping to find.
It is also a great place to people watch.

There is always a good turn out.

And for the record, we did NOT have an elephant ear today.
 I found a couple of interesting things, but to be perfectly honest, I still have a rather large amount of interesting things at home that I still haven't done anything with yet.

So I left with a red plaid Thermos to add to my collection, and another small green glass bottle.
 Truly, there IS something for everyone here.

Well, except for Oldest Son.  He didn't buy anything.

But, one really doesn't have to buy anything to have a great time walking around outside on a beautiful Fall afternoon.
THGGM has a project in mind for which he needs three gold picture frames.  He found one while thrift shopping yesterday, and another today that will work perfectly with the first one. Now all he needs is one more!
Such a beautiful setting for a fair grounds, along the Kalamazoo river in the beautiful city of Allegan, MI.

You should go there.

Next year.

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

We were there too. I bouoght a Gladys Tabor book and a beautiful picture for my living room. When I went to pull the money out of my pocket to pay for it, there was no money there! I must have dropped it from my pocket when I answered my phone. I was so distraught! 35.00! Gone. My husband said I surely made someone's day. I said, but it ruined mine!
Another season of Allegan over-see you there next year.