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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well Would You Look at That

Surprise, surprise!
I made some more of these!
Now it seems more like a chorus of carolers.
THGGM doesn't like them either.
Truly, there is NO accounting for taste.
Yesterday I went into the depths of my basement knowing that I had a pile of different scraps of red plaid wool, and I found a rather large piece that more than covered this table they are standing on.
Well, I should say WERE standing on.
I put them all away.
Even I know it's waaay to soon to decorate for Christmas.
And, our house works best with the colors of autumn anyway.
Don't want to rush things.
Christmas WILL come soon enough.

Anyway.., isn't this littlest caroler adorable?
It isn't a Thermos, like the others, it's just a plaid mug with the handle in the back.
At first the wooden ball fell too far inside, so I looked around for something to hold the doily up a bit more.
What did I end up using?
An empty toilet paper roll!
It is easy to make things with things you have around the house, when you have a lot of things around your house!

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