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Friday, August 04, 2017

Best. Sunset. EVER.

Our seventh and last sunset at the cottage.
The wind and waves were relentless all day.
Just before sunset there was a break in the clouds at the horizon.
It made for a MAGNIFICENT sunset!

Pictures cannot do it justice.
It was AmazING.
And even more of the beach washed into the lake.
It doesn't look like the last set of stairs will make it through the night.
What a day!
Tomorrow morning we pack up.
We've already got it reserved for next year!
YAY!  We'll be back!


rebecca said...

You're right! That looks amazing.
So, how many total did that cabin sleep?
I may have to drop you a line and get more speciifcs.
Looks like an ideal place to be.

Judy said...

It has four bedrooms and comfortably slept eight. Since we had 10 (that stayed over night) two grand kids slept on an inflatable mattress in one of the bedrooms. It's a charming family cottage that has been owned by the same family for over 50 years.
If you message me I can give you details, but for a start I'd suggest googling rentals, Holland, MI, lakefront drive. There are quite a few available from old family cottages to newly build mansions - all just sitting there together side by side.