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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Slowly Built Collections

I've done a bit of shopping in the past month or so, and happily added a few treasures!

This small collection of Cornishware has grown.

I found the two small bowls that are resting on top of the somewhat larger bowls while antique shopping last week.

My FAVORITE shade of blue!

A few weeks back I came across these two Dutch guys.

I have a pitcher with their likeness on it also.

Not sure where I'm going to put this, but I'll find a place, I always do!
This baby plate was at an antique mall.

I almost didn't get it.

I don't get A LOT of what I find, I promise!

But this plate has a certain charm.
My aunt found this one when we were at Benson Corners Antiques in Wisconsin.

She decided not to get it, so I did!

I have this same child, Baby Bunting, on a different plate, but he's toting a rifle.

This one seems sweeter, somehow.
While we were shopping at Cornerstone, a lovely shop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin I found the perfect candle for my Sunbonnet Baby candle holder I bought awhile back.

I have two Sunbonnet Girl plates from the same maker, Royal Bayreuth.

That makes three, a TRUE collection!

Right? (please say yes)
Just recently I started seeking out Santas, but only if they have just the right look.

Not TOO jolly, more serious and saintly, I guess.

This Santa looks like the kind who would bring socks, mittens, books and maybe a toy or two.

Not an electronic game in his bag, I am sure.

In a quest for green bottles once a few years ago I found a green prune juice bottle.

Then another.

And last week, ONE MORE!

Another collection!

Yay! (please say YAY!)
Another slow growing collection has been these Arabia children's plates/bowls.

I added one more bowl last week.

Today Hertsje and Broeder had their Cheerios in these!

No good natural light this time of year, and I haven't wanted to use a flash, but the pictures are of animals.
Somewhere, I have another plate that matches these.

I picture THGGM and I eating December breakfasts on these plates.

We probably wont, but it IS what I picture.

They were incredibly inexpensive, so if I find we don't use them, I may just display them, or displace them, which ever comes first.

One just never knows around here.


rebecca said...

OK! I'll say it! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Where do you put it all?