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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Cottage 2018, Last Wednesday

Another beautiful morning down at the beach.
Big Red, the Holland lighthouse, is visible near the center of this picture.
It is about three miles from where we are, but I zoomed in a bit, you know, just to make sure it was still there!
The white markers that appear in the water are from Tunnel Park, which is only a mile from us in this picture.
One of Kado's favorite cottage activities is morning coffee on the deck.
He is having chocolate milk, his version of coffee.
Notice the Jadeite mug he is drinking from.
In the kitchen there is a shelf FULL of them!
Oh, and morning coffee on the deck is also one of my favorite activities!
 Son-in-law on the beach.
I love the shadows the trees cast on the water in the morning.

 Famke, enjoying the waves!
 Oldest Son, Famke, and Kado just bobbing along in the water.
I don't think there is a bad time of day for swimming here.
The one thing we did not do this year was swim at night.
It just never was HOT enough for that.
Seriously though, the weather could NOT have been more perfect for the entire week.
One day it sprinkled a bit.
That was it.
Oldest Son and Daughter-in-law catching some alone time, together.
Look closely, there is a ship way out there!
Between  this picture and the one above, both sets of camera batteries died.
So, no pictures of the fun everyone had when Youngest Son came with his family after he got out of work.
But, after dinner they were recharged, and this is Youngest Son relaxing on the deck.
This is also his favorite place to be.
And, because it  is Wednesday evening, there were many sailboats coming out of the channel.
It is really beautiful to see!
The days very leisurely flew by, if that makes sense.

After the sunset it was game time!
Oldest Son is the original Game Boy.
He has been beating me at games since he was very young.
I do not believe that I was EVER able to beat him at a game of Memory, so I quit playing it with him when he was three.

The up and coming Game Boy is Feintsje, who I am rather sure plays games in his sleep.
This game is called Bears vs. Babies.
For some reason I could never figure out, they LOVED this game.
I don't get it.

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