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Monday, September 10, 2018

Yesterday Felt Like Fall

Yesterday Jonge had two Fall Ball games.
And the weather!
It was in the sixties, which is normally my most favorite temperature EVER, but there was wind, and although we all tried NOT to complain after the hideous heat and humidity from last week, it was impossible not to mention every five or ten minutes just how COLD it was!
Feintsje made up his own ball game.
I never quite figured it out, but it involved laying flat on his back and wiggling until he got to the ball.
Then he threw it at someone.

It truly was that cold.
 Jonge's team won their first game, but not the second one.
Outside, under a quilt, hot coffee - LIFE IS GOOD.

Kado came to the second game, so Feintsje had someone to play with who was closer to his age and interest level.
They thought they looked hilarious with their hoodies tightly around their faces.
Of course, I thought they looked adorable.
Not the look either of them were going for.
Famke even joined them.
Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, during this game most of the action was on this side of the fence.

Not sure if it shows up well in this picture or not, but the clouds were INCREDIBLE!
These looked like letters, and at one point the last three spelled ICE.
Why I didn't think to take a picture then, I'll never know.

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