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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Yesterday At My House

These two came to my house for the afternoon yesterday.  Because it's Wednesday, and they have early dismissal.
When I saw them pass by with two Fisher Price Doll Houses and the basket of "people" I grabbed my camera, as no one has played with this stuff in over a year (well.., except for maybe.., me).
Hertsje was looking for 'children' , so I was reaching into the basket and handing to her every one that I found.  Then she told me she needed more beds for them, so I went searching for those.
After I had given her a few, she looked up at me exasperated and said "I have EIGHT kids and only THREE beds!  What am I going to do?!"
Broeder looked up at her and said "I could bomb them for you!"
Um.., NO!
We did have a nice talk. 
If you happen to have more children than you have beds,  please send them to their grandparents home.
And never never EVER bomb anyone.
Not too long after that, Pake returned with two more grand kids.
Yes.  He is under that pile of children.
Kado came home extremely tan. 
Feintsje came home with a harrowing tale of Disney World's Tower of Terror. 
It's always fun and interesting at my house on Wednesday afternoons.
Although I DO miss Jonge and Famke.
Famke's best friend now goes to her school, so they hang out together before church on Wednesday night.
Jonge has basketball practice on Wednesday after school.
Things are different around here.
These six kids are GROWING UP right in front of our eyes!

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