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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Six Months Is a Life Time When You Are Six Months

The top picture is the very first kiss that Famke gave to Kado on the day they met.
In this next picture, he had just done something amazing and she had clapped with wild abandon. That scared him to tears.

She knows just what to do. A hug and a kiss will make it all better!
I am so glad to see the sweet relationship developing between these two. I'm sure I'll have to refer back to this post in the future to remind myself of just how well they ALL get along.
Certainly you've noticed that I am completely besotted with this boy. He has been the joy in these past six difficult months.
But so you know, as much as I adore him, if his siblings are in the room? I'm chopped liver.
Can't say that I mind all that much, as they shall all be sailing the seas of life together long after I've done whatever you call it that sailboats do once they reach their destination (somebody help me? what's that word?).


Karen said...


It's so nice for you grandkids that they have this photo journal of their early years, that you've created. They'll treasure it.

Judy said...

Dock! Now, why couldn't I think of that?

Thanks, Karen!